27 Oct: Yazid's Birthday

Today is Yazid's 15th birthday but we could not celebrate as he is away at Muadzam Shah. When the kids were small, we used to buy cake and had a small celebration at home. Now, no more, bila semua dah besar masing2 tak nak kek lagi.

This weekend, me and my wife will be going to Muadzam Shah to attend Hari Graduasi. All Form 3 students including Yazid will be getting their scroll. Seronok jugak sesekali gi outing berdua dengan isteri, macam curi2 gi jalan2, anak2 semua tinggal kat rumah.

20 Oct: Festive Over & Out

Syawal month is over and together with it all the open houses. Before Hari Raya, I spent a lot buying new clothes for the children. It is like yearly affair for the family, I guess it is the same for all other families celebrating Hari Raya. So, in the month of Syawal we sort go to open houses to offset the huge expenditure ha ha ha.

This year's Syawal was quite memorable because I was able to celebrate with all my in-laws and with my siblings. But it was quite strenuous on me having to travel to Melaka and Kuantan and vice versa. Tak pe la, Raya punya pasal.

On 4th of Syawal, I went to my brother's new house in Batu Pahat. He moved there about a year ago but I only got the time to visit him recenty. It was a semi-detached house but wow! I was astounded when I saw the house. It was huge and very modern looking. I hope one day I will be able to have that kind of house.

Now that all the celebration is over, we have to go back to the real world where many challenges are ahead of us. As for me, the greatest challenge is ensuring my children have good life in the years to come, meaning ensuring that they get good education and teach them good values in life.

7 Oct: PMR

Yazid is sitting for his PMR now. Only God knows what he is going through.

I remember when he received his UPSR result in 2006, he immediately called his mother and said "Mak ... Mak ... Mak ... A ... A ... A ... Ajid dapat 5A". My wife cried in happiness.

6 Oct: Daughter's Birthday & PMR

Today is my daughter's Hani 17th birthday. Time flies. I still remember when she came out of her mother's womb, her infancy, her pre-school period, her primary school days and by year end she will complete her secondary school. I miss them when they were small, when they created havoc in the house. Those were the days.

Happy Birthday Hani ! You are the loudest of all your siblings. You know what I mean.

Tomorrow on 7th October, my 3rd child Yazid will sit for PMR far far away from me. That's because he is studying at MRSM Muadzam Shah in Pahang.

He is not brightest of all but he is very hardworking and motivated. I remember when he was in Standard 3 he was demoted to a lower class, he was very down and very quiet which was not him. He bounced back the following year and promoted to the top class in Standard 5. Amazingly he was the top ten 10 student in Standard 5. He never look back since then. I guess the demotion taught him a bitter lesson, work hard & you will be rewarded.

Coming back to the PMR, my wife is the most worried person on earth right now. She is always like that, very concern about the children. While the children are taking exams, I mean any exams, she would sit on the prayer mat and recite the Yassin. Also, she would wake up every night at 3am to perform solat Tahajjud, solat Witir and recite Yassin. I am proud to have her as my wife.

To my son Yazid, I wish him the best. I know you are well prepared and you can do it. My prayers for you.