15 Sep: Del Potro Dumped Federer

The unexpected happened. Roger Federer was chasing his 6th US Open title at Flushing Meadows and was well on his way with his typical hard serves, court coverage and astute shots. But Juan Martin Del Potro made short of his expetation by winning 6-3 7-6 4-6 7-6 6-2.

Federer started well not allowing Del Potro to settle down when he took the first set by exploiting Del Potro's weak coverage on the forehand court. Federer was again superior in the second set but by now Del Potro was beginning to produce his power shots. Federer was being unsettled and become a bit emotional in the third set. The rest was history.

Del Potro won his first grand slam title and I think there will be many more to come.

I was also delighted when Kim Clijsters won the womens event by beating Caroline Wozniacki. She is such a darling. It was a great win after her brief retirement to marry and start a family.

14 Sep: Del Potro Dumped Nadal

I was awake at 1:00 am this morning and couldn't sleep. So, I took the opportunity to watch the tennis US Open Mens semifinal. There it was, Juan Martin Del Potro (I like this name) vs Rafael Nadal. Of course, Nadal is the favourite and has been a finalist in many major tournaments. While Del Potro is the new kid on the block.

Del Potro is from Argentina and stands tall at 6 feet 6 inches, that's really tall. He easily dwarfed me by 1 foot, and that means I will be as high as his armpit. And guess what, this guy doesn't shave his armpit, it shows as he wears sleeveless T-shirt when playing.

Back to the game, Del Potro won 6-2 6-2 6-2. Nadal was overwhelmed by Del Potro's big serves and big forehand and the biggest weapon unleashed was the big backhand. Next, Del Potro will face the current champion, Roger Federer. It will be interesting.

13 Sep: Sleep Disorder

Ever since the beginning of Ramadhan, I have been having difficulty sleeping at night. When I go to bed, I will be spending my time trying to make myself sleepy. I haven't been successful. Till today I don't have any explaination for this. I did not sleep last night and was only able to close my eyes after subuh prayer. That was ok because today is non-working day.

What about tonight? What do I have to do today to sleep like normal people? I guess I'll just make myself busy busy busy today hoping that I will feel tired.

Please make my wish come true.

11 Sep: 1% Rule for Perfect Body

The biggest excuse that most people use as to why they struggle to get in shape is their perceived lack of time to workout and to plan healthy meals regularly.

The 1% rule means that it really only takes 1% of your given time every week to keep yourself in top shape...

Let's think about it in terms of your available time... if you dedicate only 33.6 minutes per day, 3 days per week to a good exercise routine, that's only 100.8 total minutes per week. Considering that you have 1440 minutes in each day multiplied by 7 days equals 10,080 minutes per week of total time.

So now look at those 100.8 minutes per week dedicated to exercise and divide that into the 10,080 minutes total that you have in a week, and that represents approx 1% of your total time in any given week.1% of your time... that's it!

When you think about it in those terms... isn't it really ridiculous when you hear someone say that they "don't have time to workout"... it's actually almost comical that someone would claim they can't dedicate 1% of their time every week to exercise.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear someone say that they don't have time to workout and keep themselves in shape... then go ahead and call them out on it (in a friendly way, of course).

However, even for people that don't have exercise related hobbies, three 33.6-minute high intensity, full body workouts per week can keep anyone in top shape if you're choosing the right exercises at the right intensity.

10 Sep: Live Actions on 19 Ramadhan 1430H

Watched England thrashed Croatia 5-1 this morning with goals from Frank Lampard (2), Steven Gerrard (2) and Wayne Rooney (1). Great performance by England, kudos to all the players.

However, I was disappointed when Melanie Oudin lost her quarterfinal match to Caroline Wozniacki at the tennis US Open. I was hoping Oudin would make it to the semis at least. Anyway, she is only 18 and has a long road ahead of her. She will have her day soon.