18 Nov Exam Exam Exam !!!

My eldest son Rais just completed his first semester exam at International Islamic College. He is taking Business Administration. The first semester does not seem to be taxing yet, I guess the college is making all new student to get use to college life and method of studying. I expect the second semester to be tougher.

My only daughter Hani has just started her SPM exam, the exam that will determine her future. Not really actually. Of course, everyone wants to do well but it is not the end of the world if the result is not satisfying. Nowadays, opportunities for further studies is everywhere.

17 Nov Hari Penyampaian Hadiah

My youngest son Muis is the brightest of all the siblings. Perhaps, got it from the father ha ha ha. He is in Standard 5 and going to Standard 6 next year.

This year is the most excellent year for him, he got Number 1 in the year end exam and received loads of trophies for best students in several subjects. When other pupils received their trophy one at a time, Muis received them in a tray.

The proudest person on earth would definitely be my wife. She has waited for this moment for sooooooooooo long. Well, she had her moment too when she received a bouquet of flowers for my son's achievement. Another proud moment is when my son will be the Ketua Murid next year.
I haven't got the latest photo, so I posted 2007 prize giving pix.

13 Nov Back to Ultimate Gym

Two days ago, I decided to go back to Ultimate Gym for my workout session. Since Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, I have been working out at the gym provided by my employer. The gym was small with insufficient equipment and I survived for one month. I couldn't take it anymore, the weight plates were few and equipment are mostly for home use. I could not push myself to the limit, the umphhh was not there.

So, when I met Terry Gallyot to tell him "I'm back!!", he said "Dah retire ka?" before I said anything.

Anyway, I have been working out for two days at Ultimate Gym and I feel great, I can now really push myself.